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At Corina Pena Elementary we believe that “educational excellence is the right of every student.” Our journey is to strive for excellence today, to prepare our students to succeed in a challenging world tomorrow. All students, staff, administrators, parents and the community will work towards one common goal-student achievement. Our school will be a place where knowledge, power, freedom and belonging is a way of life

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Corina Peña Elementary
4800 Liberty Blvd.
Peñitas, Texas 78576

Corina Peña Elementary



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Phone: (956) 323-2750
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Corina Peña Elementary held its annual "Vocabulary Parade". A vocabulary parade is an exciting way to boost logophilia (the love of words) amongst students while providing a focus for an academic dress-up event.

Vocabulary Parade
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Little Free Libraries Open to La Joya ISD Community is a Wisconsin-based nonprofit organization that supports offering the free exchange of books (that are housed in small containers) to the local community. Their mission: “To ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 11/03/2016
Source Page: District News